From the Mentor's Notebook on Personal Growth Issues

God can actually guide you by  presenting reasons to your mind for acting in a certain way.
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Once life was an adventure, an exciting place of learning and exploration.  Is it still for you?  What happened to us?  Have we lost the ability to enjoy the moment?

Have you ever thought about the conditions that we, as the human race, find ourselves in today?  Looking at the newspaper or listening to news reports doesn’t seem to inspire much hope for the future –  especially in 2009.

Whenever there might be hope on the horizon, some new war or famine, some disaster hits again.  Leaders rise and fall yet the innocent still seem to get caught in the middle of struggles.

 We know people are looking for answers.  Yet many people get tired of going round and round with the latest new age ideas, the latest self-help books, hopes for a new world order or the latest health fad.

  Just think for a minute about your own personal life.  Many people live in their own war-torn inner world.  Events of the past still blind them to happiness and security in the present.  Storms of emotional pain sweep through relationships and blow away any chances of happiness. 

 We are all left asking “Why?”

pile of books  Others struggle with life-long destructive habits and self- sabotaging cycles.

Yes, there is a huge business of self-help books, but some don’t give you the practical day to day steps.  Fear, anxiety, flashbacks – where does it all come from?  What about the scars on your memories, affecting your health and relationships?

Remember, we aren't here talking to you about something we know nothing about.

So ..... what if … you found the answers .... that could really set you free from life long destructive habits, self-sabotaging self-talk, agonizing questioning of yours or other’s actions…. the debilitating, cycles of worry and fear – valuable tools that could silence the wars within your mind and body? 


 Then, what if ...... you had these tools, in an easy to understand, practical way so you could apply them to your relationships and personal life

 ….. to move beyond yesterday’s pain?


 Well, today you might begin a new path, with new answers for your deepest fears, your strongest emotional enemies.


 Maybe finding this website will help you do just that!

Dear Fellow Traveller:        So, Let me ask you ..

 1.  What would you do if you could find the tools to lead a  full, successful life?

2. How would you benefit from the inner strength and courage to face your fears and self-defeating self-talk?

 3.  What would you give to be able to take the right control over your life and find your hopes and dreams possible? 

4.  Is it possible to live your life to the fullest … in the here and now?  … without the relationships problems, or the emptiness and anger of the past haunting your life?  


 5.  What would it be like to reach past the emotional quicksand, to find peace, tranquillity and quietness of mind today?


   Because .... There is a better way!

     If this website has come across your path and you are on your ‘Dark night of the Soul’, don’t give up.  Please let us assure you that it is possible to grow and thrive in life’s pain … and part of your answer might be just waiting for you …. here and today.

 Believe it or not, your life is still in your hands.  You have far more control over your circumstances than you might believe.  Maybe it’s time to take that step to start, or for others, continue on your journey to wholeness!  

  Still Reading? Great! It’s Time to Discover how to Find these Answers for Yourself!

But first, we want to introduce ourselves and this special website.

So, hello! 

d&s special pic We are Daniel and Susanne Fengler. 

We have been personal counsellors for over 20 years.  As you can imagine, we have seen many, many struggling people – possibly, people like you who want to find answers. 

We came to Australia in 1974 as secondary teachers.  We both taught in Secondary schools for 12 ½ years.   

They were good years but as any married couple will tell you, we had our share of things to work through.

In 1986, we started a whole new career move – into Personal Counselling.  Somewhere along the line, we found ourselves in charge of a Counselling Centre, with a growing team of 10 counsellors, trainee ‘co-counsellors’ plus excellent support staff to help more and more desperate people.

However in 2009, we jumped into a whole new career move: into Mentoring and Coaching!  Some would say we are 'semi-retired, but believe us, there is nothing 'semi' about it.  We are as busy as ever!  Time is still filled with the 101 things to do.  However, we wanted to take time to do this website .... because we know how important it is to share what we have learned.

We aren't sharing all this because we have arrived at ‘the top’ – where ever the top might be.  Susan and I want to reach out and help others in this, our third major career change.  We are committed and have stepped firmly into the Mentoring and Coaching area.


Just  as we have helped people at the Counselling Centre …..

    ….  we want to share our experience and knowledge with you.


The Internet is one of the fastest growing information highways known in history.  We have stepped into this world with a deep desire to share our wealth with you!

Sure, we know most people are hesitant when it comes to sharing their inner personal wars and tragedies.  Please believe us, we would not have lasted for over 20 years in the ‘counselling biz’ without a good track record.

We could give you many, many proven testimonies and comments but then this would grow into a long 5 page letter. 

        Well, OK here’s one person's comments:


"It is a privilege to have Susan Fengler as my Mentor and Supervisor  for my Post Graduate Counselling Studies and Ministry.

"I have found her wisdom to be invaluable and freely given, as she generously sows into others the healing and knowledge she has received from Jesus in her own life.

"Susan's wealth of experience spans many decades, and this is so apparent in her teaching and practical solutions for every day encounters.

"She delights in constantly seeking to raise people up into their full potential and her constructive advice is always delivered gently, respectfully, and with much grace.

"During my time with Susan, I have discovered more about my identity and gifting, and have been empowered to apply these skills to many opportunities."

Julia, 2008, Melbourne, Australia



    So let’s get down to it - what are we Selling? 

  Go ahead and say it now .....


   We are all on the lookout for the next hook, the next call to buying something … expecting the ‘free steak knives’ as an incentive to buy something.  Daniel and I have truckloads of material from our years of teaching and counselling.  We want to take the time and give something back …....... and most of the time without any cost to you.

Daniel and I have developed From the Mentor’s Notebook on Personal Growth Issues' because we deeply believe that the world needs answers and we need some of these Answers FAST.  We have been in the business of finding solutions to problems for over 20 years.

 By now, we have heard thousands and thousands of stories.  So, we also have thousands and thousands of possible solutions.  It’s these stories and the practical solutions we want to offer you!

Plus other topics that might interest you: the Occult, Freemasons, Generational issues, soul ties, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Stress and Burnout, Self-Talk and on and on.

   In May 2009, we began this website.  In this edition, Daniel and I have presented three important areas of personal growth:

Allie's story about her childhood trauma and the wounded, little child within.
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Lynne's Story - "My Journey about losing Cindy" - a story with a message for all of us who help others face grief and the trauma of loss."
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Benjamin's story - "Facing Deeper Issues of Life and the whys at the Heart of pain and Suffering".  This is the most important search we all must start to find meaning in life.  Have you started your journey?"
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We have included 15 FREE Articles to read, assess and apply to your own journey from each of these stories!


'From the Mentor's Notebook on Personal Growth Issues' Presents:

* Seven Special eBooks

1.   "Suicide Intervention - Finding Some Answers" a 26 page Free Special Report as a summary of the current research into the reasons, factors and what groups are at high risk when thinking about ending their own life. 

All the research and over 20 years of counselling have produced this eBook for only $10.00!


2. "Understanding the Inner Child" - We examine the concepts behind the term "Inner Child".  How does the Inner Child begin?  How we can learn to 're-parent' the possible different child personalities we might find in a typical network?  This is a good guide for those just beginning or wanting more information on this very current topic.  Again a valuable eBook for anyone wanting to help others in the huge area of crisis - $10.00.


 3.  "Understanding the Grief and Loss Journey" - a 64 page study looking into the areas that a friend, relative, Grief Counsellor, People-helper or anyone will face as they walk through this area on the Journey of life. purple smiley

A great study eBook for Only  $17.00. 
Add your contact details to our form below for information!

------------- > So..... The October Edition is out now!

Here's what you'll find:

boy2.jpg#1. Nicho's Story: "........Will life every be the same Again?"  His personal account of the natural disasters that devastated his village and life. "I  stood and stared at the hole in the mountain where my home, my town, my road and my old car had been just a half an hour ago.  Nothing had prepared us for the ferocious earthquake, the wind, the water and then the floods."                                      Read more .................

#2.  We also have Sally's Story - "But I thought I heard from God!"  Learning how to hear from God is a one of the greatest challenges we all face in our journey of life.  Facing healthy conflict to resolve the resulting issues and turning life around are the themes of her story.

                                                                Read more .....................

self-talk2.jpgThen Patricia shares her story "How Perfect do I have to           be before they love me?" on Perfectionism and learning to be herself.   She struggled with family and friends who 'put her in a box and had high expectations of her.  She had to learn to be herself and find her  own path.  Each Story has related articles and Special Reports.                                     Read more ......


4. "Learn to Nurture your Inner Health"

inner cover3.jpg Most of us are short on time and wisdom.  The purpose of this eBook is to help you take the time and give yourself the tools and space to reflectively stop and process life in a step by step method.  However it is very important to 'Learn to nurture the Inner Health'.

Before any change can happen you need to know where you are and where you are going.  We can help the will to be willing in this process.  Than a chapter devoted to 'Body Awareness' as the stress of change often hits the body the hardest. 

All this valuable insight into bringing the right change into your life - $17.00

That's over 80 pages of insights, practical exercises and worksheets

Please don't Procrastinate or put off your Journey of Life!                              

woman with Q,jpg Isn't it time you had a better life?

You Never know what's around the next corner.  This could be the door of opportunity for you to step into a whole new life!

Your future is really in your hands!  .... or you could go round the same unhappy mountain again ....

"Yes Daniel and Susan, I want to join you and work on my Journey of Life!

   I am interested in joining your membership email list to hear about your future progress in the new sites and articles you are developing

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May you know blessed Sunshine on your Life's Journey,

Daniel and Susan

P.S. If these three topics don't interest you, try us again in January as we will be offering other topics that you, or others you know, will want to explore.  In fact, 'Bookmark' us on your 'Favorite's List'.

P.P.S.  We have aimed to make this material easy to use, practical and a great investment for your future life because you are worth it.  You can have positive, precious and worthwhile relationships.  Life can be fun again!

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 May your life be a great adventure!

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