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About Us: So who are these authors?

It is important to know something about the people you are working with... that's why we designed this page.

We first came to Australia in 1974 as secondary teachers.  Our next career moveD&S1 640.jpg came in 1986 when we joined the team at Crossway Pastoral Counselling Centre. 

By 2006, we found ourselves in common purpose with an amazing group of about 20 to 25 dedicated people, including 10 counsellors, assorted trainees and support staff.  If was an amazing journey!

In 2009, we jumped into a whole new career mentoring and coaching . with Website and Blog design on the side.  In is from this solid base of experience, commitment and vision we have presented this website for you.



Most the PLR eBooks began as part of the project through Stephen Pierce's MRMI Internet membership site.  I am one of his affiliate members and wish to thank Stephen and his team for their excellent work. 

It really is an Internet business that works!!!  Interested? 'MRMI SuperCash' trial -  $1 for the first month and then $39.97 per month.

 Further information:


Please note that all the material on this website is designed as an educational project.   If any areas need component counsellor or GP help, please refer to them.  None of the worksheets or the eBooks are meant to be a diagnostic tool.  Always seek competent help for areas of concern.



 Because all the eBooks are marked on a special sale price, we have not offered a money back guarantee.  However, if you have any complaint, comments or encouragements about the eBooks about this site, please contact us on


Thanks for joining us on this part of your journey!

Sincerely,  Susanne Fengler



P.S.  Another project or ours:  It's a collection of items that might interest you - if you are thinking about web design. 

Thanks for joining us on the Good Mental Health Care Website!  May you enjoy the spiritual, emotional and physical health your Creator wanted you to have!



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