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Life has unexpected twists and turns.  We often find ourselves where we never thought life would take us.  So how goes your journey in finding peace?
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October 2009

Welcome Back to the October Edition! 

How fast life goes by!  It seems like only last week we finished the website and in our excitement, let you know.  Now here it is October ..... soon to be 2010!  workstation.gif

So, we have three new stories for you, along with articles to help us understand the stories. 


Then there is a new eBook:

"Learn to Nurture Your Inner Health!"inner cover3.jpg

How well do you understand your emotions?  What about your Will and your willingness to change?  How do you do change?   Life is about change but not living with guilt or 'over-smoke17.jpgperfectionism'. 

Remember the names, details and even the pictures of our stories are all changed so there is no way you can identify any individual.  We honour their journey by helping to keep their privacy.


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   So let's get started:


#1. Nicho's Story: "Will life every be the same Again?"  His personal account of the natural disasters that devastated his village and life.

boy2.jpgNicho stared at the hole in the mountain where his home, his village, his road and his old car had been - less than one short hour ago.

Nothing has prepared them for the ferocious earthquake, the wind, the water and then the floods.  No warning was given to rescue save anyone before the ground slid out from under their world.

Now... mud slides, fallen trees, broken homes lay all around them.  Nicho had been one of the braver, courageous ones.....

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Click here to read the rest of his story: 

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  #2. Sally's Story - "...But I thought I had heard from God!"   How do I know I'm really hearing from the Creator of Life rather than deception?

 Sally was so excited when she heard, what she thought was the Lord saying, that she would soon marry Martin.  In her excitement, she shared her news with her two best girlfriends, who, without praying about it, encouraged hidden-bride.jpgher to ‘go for it’; as they knew Martin was single and seeking a wife.

Based on this ‘confirmation’, Sally began to plan her dream wedding, including looking for the dress and setting the wedding date. 

 One thing grew into another, and her perfect wedding grew into a production ... all without one important ingredient: Martin’s interest.  She was waited.... and waited.... and waited for the Lord to tell Martin the same Prophecy.

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Click here to read the rest of Sally's Story:

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 #3.  Patricia’s story: "How Perfect do I have to be before they love me?"  Patricia shares her struggles to find the real person other all the other's ideas and other's expectations.  ....Then how does she change?self-talk2.jpg

Patricia grew up in a family, the youngest with three sisters and one brother.  Dad had mastered his degrees in Business to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in their state.  Mother had worked hard to become the top Gynaecologists of the hospital scene. 

dogcatcher2.jpgEach of the sisters had finished degrees and further training: in order of their age:  an Accountant, an Pharmacists and a Lawyer.  Then of course, her brother seemed to top them all; he stepped into a role as a ...dogcatcher!

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  •  Editor's Comments:

We have tried to present three current, vital topics in this October Edition.  We have also included three new Special reports as well as the usually great articles.

Our book list is growing too.  If you have read a great book lately, let us know!


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    • bullet-note.jpg      A Testimony:

  "We love spending time with Daniel and Susan Fengler.  Our lives have never been the same since we first met them in 2004. 

"They have a wonderful gift of being able to facilitate the presence of Jesus in a very real and meaningful way. 

"They have mentored us in the ways of the Heart and have taught us how to personally hear from God.  These two steps alone have been life changing for us.

"We highly recommend the ministry of Daniel and Susan Fengler if you hunger for deeper intimacy with Jesus and want more of the things of God."

 Sharon Tromp and Debbie McCabe

Triple Heart Ministries

In fact give their website a try !!!

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How well can you hear from God?  Do you know He is talking to us far more than we realise.  Tune into His Station.


Do you know where God has called you to fit in His body?  Read the special Report on "Spiritual Gifts" and take the survey.

Our next website is called "Hearing God for Yourself".  We plan to have the whole site going by December. 

Come and find us!


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Disclaimer:  This website has been designed to inform and to lead people to find resources.  In no way has our information been intended by the authors to represent 'counselling advice' or solutions to your problems.  If help is needed, we do strongly advise seeking competent, Christ-centred people to help find answers and healing.


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Add us to your Favorite's List and catch the next website for more true life stories. 

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  • We ask kindest blessings, on you, our readers, as you view this website. 
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  • Daniel and Susanne

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