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Life is full of spaces to find  meaning and true contentment.  Sometimes we have to stop and see what is in front of us.
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It's Great that you have found us! 

wedding d&s.jpgHello again.  We are Daniel and Susan Fengler and let us welcome you to "From the Mentor's Notebook on Personal Growth Issues"!

Remember, we are here talking to you about something we know alot about.   Yes, there is a huge business of self-help books, but some don’t give you the practical day to day steps.  Fear, anxiety, flashbacks – where does it all come from?

We aren't sharing all this because we have arrived 'at the top’ – where ever the top might be.  Susan and I want to reach out and help others in this, our third major career change.  We are committed and have stepped firmly into the Mentoring and Coaching areas.

group10 There are many lessons we can learn from listening to other's stories.  We have included some articles for your reading in this section. 

We have heard many thousands of stories over 20 years of counselling.  Bits and pieces of these stories have been put together to make the stories more readable and to see the valuable treasures others have learned. 

Remember the names, details and even the pictures are changed so there is no way you can identify any individual.  We honour their journey by helping to keep their privacy.


You may print these stories for your personal use or to share with others.  Please honour us as Authors and not reproduce the articles for any commercial use.  May you enjoy and Learn!


   So let's get started:


#1. Allie's Story - "Why can't I come out to Play?"  Hearing the Inner Child

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Today I went to the bank and as I was waiting in line, I noticed three young children playing by the door while waiting for their Mum.  Something deep inside me stirred and I wanted desperately to sit down beside them, yes on the floor and play their games with them like a 5 year old child.

Cecilia, an inner voice - 'CeeCee' that's what she calls herself - has made herself known at other times, but never so deeply, desperately to be allowed to go and play, as this time.  As I hurriedly left the bank, I knew I had to get some help ...

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#2.  Lynne's Story - "My Journey About losing Cindy" - Dealing with Grief and Loss

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You see stories all the time about children getting lost, kidnapped or worse yet, killed in some accident ... but you never think it will happen to you. 

 ....  So don't tell me to "just be brave, you're lucky to have the other two children ... or to just forgive!"   I'm not there yet! 

  How do we help others face such traumatic situations in their lives?  What comfort, advice or help can we be?

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Lynne's Story!  
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#3.  Ben's Story "So what is the purpose of all this?" - Facing Deeper Issues of Life

ben wheelchairI've looked in many places to find the answers to the 'WHY Questions'.  I've tried escape in temporary pleasures, which  didn't really hide the questions of why. I've even flirted with some of the occult stuff - having my fortune told, sought guidance through mediums or even darker stuff.  All without the satisfaction of knowing they had the Truth.  Something was still missing from my life.

 I looked through the various cults and religious fringe groups but that took too much time, money or 'leaps of faith' to catch their truth.  So I began to accept that life had no purpose; that random tragedy just happened all around us?  That people were just self-centred and couldn't change?  Was there any real purpose to the pain and trials of life?

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"Their integrity, trustworthiness and confidentiality are beyond question. I highly commend their Tree of Life Ministry."

Dr Stuart Robinson
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Notebook Editor's Comments:

As we write this story, Victoria, Australia has just finished their worst natural disaster in recorded history.  They call it "Black Saturday", February 21st, 2009 when over 1000 homes went up in flames.  Between 135 and 150 people are recorded either dead or missing.

Yes. Australia is used to bushfires but not on this scale.  Winds reaching 300 km an hour - between 130 to 140 miles an hour.  Raging balls of fire swept through dry eucalyptus trees, destroying everything in its path- an inferno even the fire fighters dreaded. 

It's hard to put such trauma and desperation into understandable words to share with those who haven't witnessed such ferocious, searing heat or scorching smoke.

We have not got through this alone.  Many places around the globe responded to such a tragedy with money, aid and even songs written especially for this roaring hell on Earth.

We have dedicated this website in memory of those who have lost so much.  Their Grief and Loss is unfathomable; their trauma and rebuilding unimaginable. 

We especially want to remember those who lost everything - lives, homes, families and community in the smaller towns and little community areas.  Theirs are still the untold stories.

May the God of all Comfort be their heart's resting place.


Not all children around the world have been kept safe and treasured.  If you're interested in seeing one of the amazing happenings, check out the news letter for
GraceWorks Myanmar, P.O. Box 245, Blackburn, Victoria, Australia 3130   OR




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Disclaimer:  This website has been designed to inform and to lead people to find resources.  In no way has our information been intended by the authors to represent 'counselling advice' or solutions to your problems.  If help is needed, we do strongly advise seeking competent, Christ-centred people to help find answers and healing.




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  • We ask kindest blessings, on you, our the reader, as you view this website.  May it be of benefit to your journey in life.
  • Daniel and Susanne

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